It is important to me as the Mayor of Parker to work as a mentor to Town Council guiding focus toward supporting teachers, schools, family and safety, parks and open space. Working to help grow existing retailers and shopping, helping existing merchants grow.  I will be a strong representative of the Town  in local, regional and national venues.  I plan to continue being a positive role model to our youth by speaking about the importance of  involvement in the community and visiting schools and youth groups.  Teaching our children that by banding together and getting involved we can make change that will benefit the community as a whole.

Issues that are important to me:

  • Growing the local economy, supporting exist small to medium local businesses. More support for businesses outside of the Mainstreet, Greater Downtown Parker district.
  • Revitalization/beautification of the Northern Gateway to Parker, Cottonwood to Lincoln.
  • Focus on filling the current commercial vacancies throughout Parker.
  • Tight budgeting and more effective spending.
  • Protecting our open space and parks – places for the kids to play.

  • Good road connectivity and a safe community.

  • Better community wide communication.

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