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MEET ADELE:Adele 2012

When Adele and her daughter moved to Parker almost thirteen years ago, they jumped into the community with both feet – literally.  Adele is the embodiment of “involved citizen” and nothing is too big or too small for her to take notice of.  Over the years, Adele involved herself in the physical fitness of our youth as a swim team coach, she’s sold flowers and cotton candy at the Farmers’ market on Sunday mornings and worked with the community children’s theater, and other cultural, science, art and music activities as well as working full time and being completely involved in Aspen’s life & school.

Adele was recently recognized by the city of Parker for her many years of service to the Parker Cultural Commission. She has a well rounded understanding of the needs of the Parker community.

Adele’s 14 year old daughter, Aspen,  is no stranger to community involvement either. She worked alongside her mom on many occasions and she’s been performing on stage since age four, including work with Missoula Children’s Theatre, Castle Rock Players and Classic Acts.  Aspen splits her time between Parker and Burleson, Texas, where her dad resides.

Local Involvement

Adele was a member of the Parker Cultural & Scientific Committee, the Town of Parker’s liaison to the Douglas County Art Encounter Program from May 2007 – 2011 and a member of Parker’s Art in Public Places Committee from 2009 – 2011.

Adele was Swim coach for Aces Swim Club, parent representative for Stroh Ranch Dolphins and Vice President of Mt. High Swim League.

Over 30 years as a Professional High Diver and Cliff Diver, performing and competing around the world on ABC Wide World of Sports, ABC Sports, NBC Sports World, CBS, Outdoor Life, public television and many others.

 25 years’ experience teaching and coaching swimming and diving.


Personal Accomplishment’s

2004 – Acapulco Cliff Diving Championships, Acapulco, Mexico. Became the only woman in the world to continue to perform the famous Acapulco Swan from the top of the 87’ cliffs for Outdoor Life TV.

1996 – Competed in the First ever Women’s Acapulco Cliff Diving Championships.

1994 – Silver Medalist @ Women’s World High Diving Championships, Ocala, Silver Springs, FL. For ABC Sports

First Woman to High Dive over 100 feet on ABC Wide World of sports, April 1981, San Diego, CA @ Sea World,  setting the first ever woman’s world high diving record.

1982 – ABC Wide World of Sports, Orlando, FL, Sea World. Co-holder of the Woman’s World Record @ 103 feet.

1985 – First woman in the world to perform a double front somersault with 1 ½ twist from 80 foot high dive ladder.

1986 – First woman in the world to perform a handstand, 1 ½ somersault with half twist from 85 foot high dive ladder.

As an Amateur Athlete, Adele Laurent was a member of the 1975-76 National Championship Swimming & Diving Team at the University of Miami and placed 10th in the 1976 US Olympic Trials.


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